PLCC is the router application for connecting a PLC to SPIDERnet. It provides the ability to connect a PLC via network, internet or simply via the local SPIDERnet server. Like with a router, separate sub-networks can be surmounted.


If there is a PLC of the same type and software in the same network, it is no longer needed to adjust the software of it.

With the connection of a PLC to the SPIDERnet server all session-specific data is exchanged in an arbitration phase using PLCC. As a result, a clear assignment of the PLC to the SPIDERnet server is possible. And this is the reason why you can connect a various number of equal controllers to the SPIDERnet server without changing the configuration of the controllers.


You can control when you want the PLCC to be connected to SPIDERnet. With a simple click you can easily build or break the connection to the PLC from your home computer.


Profit from the routing ability and be connected to your PLC via the internet.



  • complete router application
  • PLC and the application can be connected locally, over different networks or the internet
  • exchange of all session-specific data in an arbitration phase
  • several absolutely identical controllers can be connected concurrently to one SPIDERnet server without changing the configuration
  • free IP assignment of the PLC
  • you have the entire connection control