The fresh


D  ata: open for any data channels, communication via HTTP (no issues with firewalls)
R  ealtime:  real-time visualization on any number of parallel clients
I  ntuitive: user-friendly and easy operation logic
V  isualization:   compatible with any current browsers on laptops, tablets or smartphones 
E  ditor: fully web-integrated WYSIWYG editor, you can implement any scalable controls without making a loss

for your automation.


SPIDERnet®-WebVisu is the generic and completely web-based visualization platform for your automation solution. It is based on the SPIDERnet® automation platform.

You can visualize and control your process through any web-enabled terminal device and any web browser.

You can decide if you want to use SPIDERnet®-WebVisu via the internet or in your protected local network. Furthermore you have the option to access it via notebook, tablet PC or smartphone. SPIDERnet®-WebVisu is the suitable plug-and-play solution.

The SPIDERnet®-WebVisu is being delivered as a complete PoE-compatible plug-and-play hat rail module. Plug in the network connector and you are ready to go.


You want to convince yourself? Go on and try our interactive visualization demo right here!


You might be wondering on how much effort it takes to compile a visualization. Just try it yourself. We activated a demo project for your tests. Here* it takes you just a few clicks to create a visualization trial. Interconnect your trial version with the local SPIDERnet® server and test it together with your colleagues. All you need is:


Experience the following features:

  • WYSIWYG editor – Create user-friendly visualization pages intuitively via drag and drop
  • Attractive appearance – You will forget that you are using your web browser (editor is currently not suitable for touch operation)
  • Platform-independent access – Access your visualization simultaneously via your smartphone, PC and tablet
  • Scalable vector graphic controls which can be extended individually and have no risk for loss
  • Data exchange via HTTP – You can easily overcome your network administrators firewall
  • Clear project and access management – You decide on who is allowed to access the visualization
  • Intuitive project page management

You want to know how to integrate the visualization into your system or still have questions about the product? Just contact us. We are looking forward to your call and are happy to help increasing your success through the usage of SPIDERnet®-WebVisu.



*Information regarding the usage of the visualization demo

You are welcome to test our visualization.

We ask you to play fair and to consider the following principles in order to keep this opportunity open for other users:

  • Please act honorably and do not upload immoral or discriminating contents to your visualization
  • Please do not delete the project page “main”
  • You share the visualization with other users. Therefore do not use the visualization longer than you need to. (Please contact us if you wish to have an own access for long-term evaluation. It would be a pleasure for us to create your own project for you.)
  • We reserve the right to reset the project at any time
  • Contact us immediately if you have login problems or cannot connect to your project. We would like to help you.

You can enter the project with the following login if you agree on the mentioned points:


    Username: demo

    Password: demo




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