June: Moving the main establishment from Eisenberg to our previous branch establishment in Chemnitz.


June: Opening of a new branch in Chemnitz as a new location for the SPIDERnet platform development and project management.

September: Official market launch of SPIDERnet and first proven platform components.



First beta tests of the SPIDERnet platform in university research settings by the University of Zwickau and TU-Ilmenau. The University of Zwickau team used the program to telemonitor and telecommand energy storages. The TU-Ilmenau team used the program to automate a liquidmetal gauging and calibration status.



MedTech Divsion introduces the Aterial-Cleaning Technology device.

Work begins on the SPIDERnet automation platform.



Development of the line of business of the HPF Medtech in partnership with the Sensotronica Ltd. (BY).



Start of the partnership with the Sensotronica Ltd. (BY) in the field of sensor systems and medical engineering.



End of the business connection with the PEUS Systems GmbH.



Official markets launch and start of sales for the HPF sensor.



Our partner PEUS Systems merges with Pierbug Instruments GmbH, a subsidiary company of AVL List GmbH.

Thus, the gradual withdrawal from the business with PEUS Systems GmbH begins.



Foundation of the HPF GmbH in Eisenberg (Thuringia) as a partner company of the PEUS Systems GmbH, which produced emission chassis dyno technology for automotive manufacturers.

The HPF GmbH was the supplier of PEUS Systems and provided hardware and software components for the testing bench automation.

At the same time, development began on a high-performance flow sensor - a new ultrasonic based volume flow sensor for hot vehicle exhaust.